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LosEvolution – A Combined Thought on Life, Technology, and Utter Randomness.

What is LosEvolution?

LosEvolution is a combined thought on life, technology, and utter randomness. To bring these facets together is to be LosEvolution.

Through these combined thoughts, an effort is made to bring quality content.

Main Categories

Each week, a reflection on the technological world, bringing an article on some form of technology.

Aside from keeping you up to date on the latest WWE/TNA results and matches, we bring entertainment with the weekly 15 Things posts. 15 Things is where wrestling gets picked apart for the sake of humor.

15 Things
The visitors pick a show for the sake of the humor behind this segment and the hit that it became with WWE. With Scandal in a break, a new targeted show has not been decided. Currently, the targeted shows are Impact Wrestling, and WWE RAW/Smackdown.

Windows Weekly Tips (WWT)
A random tip will be displayed in our tech section concerning Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

These are the usual postings, coupled with weekly blogs on random stuff that boggles my mind, circled around my diverse interests in technology, poetry, and overall: life.

Along the way, random posts may come, especially if the topic is somewhat hilarious or serious.

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